Trees to Plant for Shade

Summer is fast approaching, and the hot weather that comes with it now becomes noticeable. One of the best ways to battle the heat is to plant trees that offer shade and keep your home fresh all day long. If you want to learn what varieties of trees are ideal for your property, this article could help you. Read on and find out more about the best trees to plant for shade. 

Kentucky Coffee Tree

This tree is a perfect picture of beauty come summertime and very pleasing to the eyes in the winter. The Kentucky Coffee tree is from the legume family and was used as a coffee substitute by early North American settlers. This tree does not easily attract diseases and insects, which is why it is an excellent addition to your yard. It should be planted where there is open-space to accommodate its enormous size when it reaches full maturity. 

American Sycamore

If you want a remarkable addition to your landscape, plant an American Sycamore. This impressive tree can grow as high as 70-100 feet when all conditions are met. It is best to plant the American Sycamore in the moist ground with direct sunlight. The exterior of this tree can flake off making a good contrast against its interior. American Sycamores typically grow along streams and wet areas, but they would also do well in your yard. The American Sycamore is a perfect option if you want a tree that will last for many years. 

Northern Red Oak

The Northern Red Oak is ideal protection from the direct heat of the sun because of its thick crown. This type of tree can thrive even in less desirable soil conditions, and it doesn’t get quickly impacted by pollution so it can be planted in your front yard. You can expect some cleaning up when you choose to plant this because it is oak and there will be acorns around your yard. Plant it where it gets maximum sunlight and expect it to grow as high as 75 feet upon maturity. 

Tulip Tree

The Tulip tree is a fast-growing tree that offers perfect shade on a hot summer day. It is popular because of its vibrant leaves that change into yellow in the fall. Tulip trees bloom between May and June and produce beautiful flowers that resemble tulips. It is such a sight to behold when the tree is in full bloom, and the aroma of its stems adds even more to its great qualities. This tree is home for different wildlife such as birds. The Tulip tree can reach the height of 90 feet given that its planted in moist, well-drained soil, and direct sun. 



The gingko tree is an old tree that dates back to 270 million years ago. It is not easily affected by pests and insects, which is why it is a perfect tree to plant in an urban environment. It can grow to an enormous height which is why it is recommended to ant this in an open space. Its leaves turn to yellow come fall. 

Swamp White Oak

Give it enough space to grow, and the Swamp White Oak will turn out as an impressive shade tree in your yard. It requires acidic soil, but it’s considered as one of the easiest oaks to transplant. It has unique leaves that have a combination of green and white color. It is somehow resistant to the urban environment, but not with drought. 

Different trees offer unique characteristics. Most trees can provide you with shade, but the ones mentioned above are some of the fastest-growing, disease and insect tolerant, and canopy dense trees you can plant in your landscape. If you still have second- thoughts regarding which tree to plant, you are always free to contact a certified arborist to provide you with expert advice.

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